Summer 2017 Intern Diaries: Catching up with Addison

summer intern diaries

How has it been nearly a month since I began my internship at Rountree Communications?! Don’t blink, folks.

Over the last month Lindsay has assigned me an array of different daily tasks. I’ve been able to help with clients Kannon’s Clothing, Bailey’s Fine Jewelry and RelyMD. I have put what I learned in school to the test and have learned new skills along the way.

My time at Rountree has already flown by, but I am amazed at how much I have learned already. Each morning Lindsay emails me a daily agenda and then we go from there. After giving me an overview of each task, I am turned loose to complete them on my own. One of my recurring tasks is to brainstorm and create social media content for clients. I surprise myself with how much I enjoy doing this. It has been fun coming up with catchy captions that stay in line with a client’s brand and voice, while putting my own flare each.

If I had to choose my favorite task thus far, I would say that it was reaching out to local bloggers. I have always enjoyed following bloggers, so it was fun to be able to work on something I enjoy doing outside of the work. I researched countless bloggers in the Raleigh area and compiled a list of fashion, lifestyle and beauty blogs. I then contacted the bloggers on my list to see if they would be interested in partnering with our retail clients. This is still an ongoing project, so I will check back in later with an update.

More than anything, I have learned the day-to-day operations of a PR firm. I have always known that PR professionals wear many hats, and now I am able to experience this on my own. (Lindsay, however, is the real wearer of all hats—she’s amazing!!) I am already so grateful for the short time I have spent at Rountree and cannot thank Lindsay and Rick enough for their patience and encouragement. I look forward to learning more during the rest of my summer here!