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An agreed-upon approach to get from Point A to Point B

At Rountree Communications, we don’t juggle dozens of clients, which means that our collaboration with a client typically lasts for years. The relationships we’ve formed are built on an assessment of needs and an agreed-upon approach to get from Point A to Point B.

As our clients know, we approach their needs from many angles to determine how best ‘to speak’ to a variety of audiences. We shape our messaging and outreach in creative ways that depict our clients in an appealing light. We combine creative energetic young communications professionals with our seasoned professionals – providing our clients with a variety of perspectives.

We know what we’re doing because, quite simply, each of us does it every business day – delivering our own brand of public relations services. It’s not magic and it’s not a formula – it’s public relations instilled with a commitment that the client is our highest priority. Maybe that’s why Rountree Communications enjoys so much loyalty from our clients – and vice versa.