Fall 2015 Intern Diaries: Final Entry

It’s hard to believe it’s my last day as an intern! I’ve started to reflect upon these past three months at Rountree Communications and look at all the work, opportunities and takeaways from my internship experience. From writing press releases and social media content to gaining new clients, each day was a new adventure and an opportunity to not only grow as a professional, but to truly learn from two incredible individuals, Lindsay and Rick. With their guidance and expertise, this fall semester has been so gratifying. I’ve loved applying lessons from school to real clients in the real world.

On Internship Takeaways…

The first takeaway from my internship experience is the importance of research. If you aren’t curious and constantly reading, there is a chance for something important to be missed – something that could be used to help a client or help the agency grow. I now make it a habit outside of school and work to read email newsletters, online news and to generally be curious in all aspects of life. If you are not asking questions, you will not get the right answers. It is necessary to understand the culture of a client, as well as its target audience. If you cannot understand who the customers are or how they operate, it becomes difficult to produce the right content and results.

The second biggest takeaway from my internship is the importance of writing skills. Almost every day I was generating some sort of written content whether it was for social media or a traditional news release. Quickly I realized that just knowing how to use proper grammar and AP style isn’t enough, you need to live it. During the first few weeks I knew I had to do my homework and make sure my writing and AP style knowledge were up to par.

On Working at a Small Agency…

What stands out about working in a small agency is the ability to truly embrace the company culture and the ability to have a completely open dialogue. Often interns at larger corporations can get lost in the hustle. At Rountree Communications, there is an open floor to ask questions and to seek feedback at any time. This is something I really appreciated and admired. I was able to turn around and ask for clarification or how I could improve my work and skills. I know this dialogue and feedback will help me as I continue in my career.

What I will remember most about Rountree Communications is its dedication to its clients, exemplified by several clients that span the 15 year life of the agency. It is an agency that truly cares about who it is working for, what the results will be and how to go about achieving those results. Rountree Communications is an agency driven to produce results for its clients.

As the fall semester comes to a close I look forward to the future. Rountree Communications has offered me the platform to succeed as a communications professional. I want to thank Lindsay and Rick for not only their wisdom, but for providing me with this wonderful opportunity to work for them. They are two individuals that exude passion and are utmost examples of professionalism.