Fall 2015 Intern Diaries: Entry #2

I am now finishing my third week at Rountree Communications and I have been enjoying every minute of the experience so far. I have had a great time harnessing my knowledge and skills and applying them to real clients. It’s been rewarding to take ownership of projects and content creation. Since my first post I have been busy tackling various tasks such as social media content creation, email pitches, communications strategy and research.

Social media content creation has been both exciting and challenging. It has allowed me to understand how each client’s brand differs and that there needs to be consistent messaging across channels. I have enjoyed embracing this challenge and learning tips from the RC team along the way.

Pitching and research have played a large role in my internship so far. Being able to understand a given market and industry is important to crafting great pitches and reaching the right people. I have also been able to apply my writing skills and focus on important things like grammar and concise language.

Finally, I was able to create and outline a strategy for promoting a upcoming client event. I also created a calendar for planned social media posts and outlined ideas for the event to increase both attendance and engagement at the event.

I am excited to continue my work at Rountree Communications and keep everyone updated on my work and progress!