Summer 2017 Intern Diaries: Final Internship Reflection

final internship reflection


My time at Rountree Communications has quickly come to an end. I cannot believe today is my last day as an intern at RC. This summer has flown by!

I was lucky enough to connect with Lindsay during a time in my life when I felt extremely confused and had no plans upon graduation. Graduating from Alabama sent me through a whirlwind of emotions, but thankfully I was able to find a place here at Rountree.

I have gained far more experience and knowledge than I would have ever imagined during my time here. Lindsay was able to put her trust in me to complete tasks and help her with whatever she needed. From writing press releases and social content to managing blogger campaigns and giveaways, I have been able to put my knowledge to the test and learn something new every day. I have also learned that while writing and pitching skills are extremely important, a lot of PR is about creating a genuine connection with people – a connection with your clients and with their audiences, with the media and with fellow PR pros.

While I knew RC was a small firm, I didn’t expect that I would be given as much responsibility as I was. I am so glad that I was able to take on real client work on a daily basis. It feels amazing that Lindsay trusted me with all the work she gave me and was there to coach me along the way.

Most importantly, I have gained confidence in myself as a PR professional. This has truly been a humbling experience and I cannot thank Lindsay and Rick enough for giving me such an amazing opportunity.

As far as next steps go, I am planning to hit the job search hard and land a full time position with a PR or marketing agency. Although I have been mainly focusing my search in the Raleigh area, I think I am going to broaden my reach and look in other cities such as D.C. and Nashville. Fingers crossed!

One more HUGE shout out to Lindsay for being the best boss and mentor I could have ever asked for! This has been such a great experience for me and I can’t wait to stay in touch and follow her career!