Intern Diaries: Week 9

I am so sad that today is my last day as an intern at RRC! This summer has flown by – it seems like I just moved into my little corner office last week. Back in May, I entered the internship with a solid understanding of business but very little experience in the field of PR and I was eager to dive into a new industry. Looking back over the past few months, I realize just how far I’ve come. Not only have I sampled some of the finest cuisine in Raleigh, but I have created and grown an extensive repertoire of PR skills that I know will carry me forward both in my academic studies and in my search for a career. From writing press releases, creating a network of media contacts, pitching client content and managing social media, I feel strongly equipped to tackle any media challenge comes my way.

I have loved being able to get involved with local North Carolina business like Bailey’s Fine Jewelry, Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar, Southern Ideal Home Show and RelyMD. Though I grew up in North Carolina, I feel so much more connected to my community and to the people who work so hard to bring us the food, products and services that we love. It was truly a pleasure to promote their hard work and to celebrate with them their outstanding achievements.

Overall, I have had such an incredible experience working with Rick and Lindsay and the skills and wisdom they shared have helped me grow not only in my knowledge of PR but also in my development as a young professional preparing to enter the job market. As I begin researching grad schools and job openings over the course of my senior year at UNC, I know that I will move forward confidently with a deeper understanding of and solid skill set in this incredible industry. To Rick and Lindsay – thank you for your patient guidance and everything that you have done for me along my voyage into the world of PR. You have truly given me the best possible intern experience with an amazing company!