Intern Diaries: Week 8

This is my second to last week at RRC and I am so sad that my time here is coming to an end. I have learned so much and gained so much valuable experience working with Rick and Lindsay. However, just because time is running short, it doesn’t mean that anything is slowing down!

Lindsay and I attended another Raleigh Public Relations Society Meeting at Midtown Grill on Tuesday, where we had the pleasure of hearing Lisa Jeffries speak on the PR activities surrounding the recent Raleigh Food & Wine Festival. The luncheon provided a great chance to really explore the inner workings of event planning and promotion. It is easy to view events like the Food & Wine festival as the product of business and vendors that work together to create a shared experience.  We tend to take the communication around the events for granted. We tend to forget that there are equally hard-working people behind the promotion, creating messages that reach out to us and invite us to attend.

I was also able to participate in two webinars this week, including Building Your Brand with Instagram and Crisis Management. Both webinars were incredibly informative and explored the ways in which technology has become such an essential tool in many facets of PR. From creating a “personality” for your company to creating a system for quick, mass communication in a time of crisis, social media platforms have truly become a hub of human communication. After engaging with the webinars, it became very clear that the clever and efficient use of technology is becoming more and more essential to success in the ever-evolving world that is PR.

I’ll be back next week for my final blog post!