Intern Diaries: Week 5

I have really enjoyed becoming more familiar with Rountree Communications’ clients, including RelyMD, the Southern Ideal Home Show and Bailey’s Fine Jewelry. While I’ve known several of the companies, I now feel very in touch with the creativity, hard work and innovation that they put into their products and services – efforts that shine through in the many awards that clients like Bailey’s have received even in the short time I have been working here! I feel very proud to be able to help spread the word about the great milestones that these companies have reached.

I’ve worked on creating several media lists for Lindsay and have become familiar with many of the publications, bloggers and media contacts throughout North Carolina. It has really given me a great appreciation for the vast network with which PR companies interact and has helped me grasp that the heart of PR is about relationships with people. I’m also building a great network that will undoubtedly prove valuable in my future at Rountree Communications and beyond.

Last Tuesday I had the pleasure of attending another Raleigh Public Relations Society meeting with Lindsay at Midtown Grille. The speaker, Sharon Dawson from Thee Design, gave an excellent presentation on the most effective social media platforms to use in reaching today’s markets. Even as an avid social media user, it was interesting to consider that platforms I had always thought of as purely social, such as Instagram and Snapchat, can be incredibly effective tools in communicating with markets. I really enjoyed the luncheon – and the delicious food didn’t hurt, either.

The past few weeks have become progressively busier here at RRC and I cannot wait to see what the rest of my internship has in store!