Intern Diaries: Week 4

I’m back in the office after my week-long excursion to the beach and it feels great to be a productive human again! Lindsay has kept me very busy with research, social media posts and even a little pitching. I’ve been interacting with community groups and the media as a result of RRC’s efforts and I’m loving it. There are also a few non-PR related things I’m loving about the internship. The building we’re in has a resident cat, Edgar, and he’s become very fond of me. In addition, Rick and Lindsay are spoiling me rotten with our lunch outings and I’m slowly becoming a connoisseur of Raleigh cuisine.

One thing I love about RRC is that the small size allows me to get a wide range of hands-on experience. Every week I learn something new and the skills I am acquiring are valuable, relevant and adaptable. I am proud to say that my repertoire of PR competencies is growing steadily! Having had only business experience in the past, I’m very excited to be taking on new skills like pitching stories, drafting copy and managing media clips. I am already much more confident and comfortable with the language and culture of PR than when I started and I hope to continue to grow throughout the summer.

As for the highlight of the week, Lindsay and I embarked on a little adventure to a blogger event we planned with one of our clients, a gymnastics studio. A group of local moms brought their energetic children who were absolutely adorable – watch for them on the 2024 U.S. Olympic team – and we got to step in as official event photographers. I loved being able to channel my inner child on the bouncy floor and it was great to see our outreach involve actual people in the community. I think the only people who had more fun than us were the kids – maybe!