Intern Diaries: Week 3

Now a few weeks into the intern experience, I’m really getting into the groove of things and becoming familiar with a lot of the tasks. I’m starting to feel like my little office is a second home!  I’ve gotten much more comfortable with writing for PR including drafting press releases, and I’ve had a great time exploring NC blogs to identify some prospects for client promotion.

I’ve also taken shameless pleasure in working with some of the social media, especially Instagram and Pinterest. As a millennial, playing on social media is second nature to me! I’ve grown up with companies like Bailey’s and Café Carolina and I love that I can tap into their company culture and spread awareness through such fun media platforms. It makes me so happy to see them gaining followers through our work!

You won’t be hearing from me next week – I’m running off to a week’s vacation at the beach with the family. However, I’ll be sure to muse over the mysteries of PR while I’m soaking in the sun and the sounds of ocean waves! I’m definitely looking forward to returning to RC and seeing what next assignments and adventures Rick and Lindsay have in store.