Fall 2016 Intern Diaries: Human Connection in PR

2016_1Public relations is a field that contains lots of moving parts. It’s always evolving and growing, encompassing more forms of media than most other professions. One of my favorite parts of PR is having the opportunity to create compelling content for clients. This content can come in so many forms (one of the great things about PR), but today we’re going to look at commercials and advertisements. Now I know what you’re thinking – “But those ads interrupt [insert favorite show name here]!” Because of this, the ones that actually compel us to watch and engage, to not mind the interruption, are the ones that are the most effective.

Think back to the end of this summer. The Olympics were being viewed by the entire world and people were tuning in to watch their respective countries go for glory in Brazil. Enter Proctor & Gamble, a company that is known for taking opportunities and running with them. They ran an ad thanking the mothers of Olympic athletes for modeling strength for their talented children from the beginning.

What makes this ad so effective? We’re inundated with ads from companies every single day, so why does this one stand out? It all boils down to a human connection. If a company wants to reach its audience (and ultimately sell its products to them), it’s imperative to connect on a human level. The most effective commercials are those that remind the viewer that we are all human beings and all experience similar feelings and emotions, regardless of our varied backgrounds. This is an important lesson to remember when creating any form of content for a client.

Need your feel good moment for the day? Check out the P&G ad here.

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