Fall 2016 Intern Diaries: Checking in with Derrick


Hey there again!

If you happened to forget, my name’s Derrick. I’m currently working for Rountree Communications as the fall semester intern and things have been going quite smoothly around the office. The first few weeks have allowed me to get a glimpse into what it feels like to work in a professional agency environment, but it hasn’t been without its challenges! Trying to balance a full course load with other significant time commitments has been stressful, but I’ve had my fair share of help from the great people at Rountree in figuring out how to find balance with work, commitments and the stress of the semester.

Fortunately, I’ve had the chance to write a few press releases and blog posts for clients (I’m basically like the C.S. Lewis of PR writing, minus the amazing eloquence, strong British accent and Earl Grey tea addiction). Finding ways to communicate a particular client’s message to their specific audience has been a fun challenge and having a variety of clients has enabled me to grow in my understanding of what’s best for each as they seek to communicate to their respective publics.

As I spend more time in the office, I’m starting to understand the importance of communication and the pivotal role that PR plays in the realm of business and intelligent business practices. Working here has made me realize how much PR pros have to do, and the coolest part of it all is that it doesn’t feel burdensome. I see it all as a puzzle: We want to send out the most succinct, straightforward message to those who need information about something pertaining to our clients and we’re tasked with making sure that all salient details are included in whatever forms of communication we choose to utilize (I promise I’m not trying to sound super nerdy, but trying to rewrite that last bit just made things worse…).

So yeah, I like it here and I’m learning a lot! I’m hoping that as the semester goes on, I’ll continue to soak up as much knowledge and beneficial experience as possible from the seasoned professionals around me. Until next time!